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Looks like Geisinger matched

Looks like Geisinger matched too. What about UConn???

UConn is filled.

UConn is filled.

So much Missouri loving...

I happen to be a huge Mizzou fan, but unfortunately last time I checked only two people are lucky enough to match there. So to whoever the mastermind is behind this website, Missouri and University of Missouri are probably the same thing. And thanks for all your work with this website- its kept me much more sane throughout this process.

nice catch

nice catch hopefully someone will change it?

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filling in the blanks

can people that know who the blanks are fill them in? i'm curious to know.

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Congrats to NEOUCOM incoming interns!

Julie and Rhys, congratulations on your match with us! You two are going to fit in great and we're thrilled to have you! - Akron Residents

1 year funded Research fellowship at Children's Hospital Boston.

Robotics Research Fellowship at Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard,
Department of Urology
About 1 year. Funded.

Flexible start time (March/April/May 2010) Earlier start will let you boost your application and network for this coming application season.

The robotics research fellowship offers a well-rounded and in-depth exposure to both translational and clinical urologic research as well as the opportunity to coordinate the robotics research and training center. With the only da Vinci robot dedicated to research and training in Massachusetts and a full-fledged vivarium and animal surgical facility, this is a unique environment to innovate and discover new robotic surgical applications using animal models. The fellow will also be trained to serve as a certified da Vinci robotics training specialist, hosting live, animal training sessions for visiting surgeons.

Other additional opportunities include industry/biotech collaborations, NIH grant and protocol writing, journal publication, clinical research IRB processes, funding proposals, and pediatric grand rounds/radiology conferences weekly.

If you are looking for a phenomenal educational opportunity as well as the chance to improve your residency application, please contact, Dr. Hiep T. Nguyen, Assistant Professor in Surgery (Urology), Harvard Medical School, and Director of Robotic Surgery and Research, at: for more information.

Please include your CV and a short paragraph statement regarding your goals and interest in urologic research.