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So did anyone have any surprises about where they matched (good or bad)?

Please, please do not list names or identifying details.

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the infamous "post-interview contact"

This isn't necessarily good or bad, just something I didn't know much about before. I got "one of those letters" from a program I ended up ranking first. The program I ranked second didn't send me anything at all. I went into match day thinking I had a pretty good chance at ranking at my number one and no chance at matching at my number two. I ended up matching at my number two.

The moral of the story is don't read too much into those letters. Some programs just don't send them, and so don't assume that they don't like you if you don't hear from them. At the same time, as great of a feeling it can be to get one of those letters during such an unsure time, don't put too much weight into it. Be cognizant of how much you allow the letters (or lack thereof) to influence you.

Also, I found the programs that ask you to tell them if you're ranking them highly are the ones who are more likely to send you a letter. The ones who don't ask didn't send anything. Fair enough.

Congrats everyone!

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I was honestly surprised that

I was honestly surprised that the PD who told me he would rank me to match actually did. I ranked them number 1 and matched there! And I'm so happy to have matched at my top choice and to have found an honest, straightforward PD (not a comment about other PD's, I assume they're just as honest, but we all have heard horror stories)

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post-interview contact

Honesty yes, but integrity, not so much.

Per the AUA Match Guidelines on their website:
"No offers or commitments to "rank an applicant first on my list" will be made to applicants before the match."

I know people do it anyways and disagree with the philosophy, but regardless, it is a guideline set by the AUA.

I didn't match at Pitt but I really appreciated their philosophy - they made it clear that they would not tell anybody anything and they made it clear that if we petitioned that we would rank them first they would remove us from their rank list. If every program did this, the match would actually work how it was intended and I think there would be less anxiety for the applicants.

Just my thoughts on this issue.

I agree

I agree, I wish more programs took the approach that Pitt takes

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Devil's Advocate

I disagree. I wanted to match at a place that I knew wanted me. I feel that the inability to relate impressions of both the program and the applicant can make it very difficult to create a rank list.

I interviewed at 15 places and I left 12-13 with no idea of the impression that I made. I have a hard time believing that is the better system. In my opinion the margin between many of my ranked programs was so slim that knowing I was wanted would make a significant difference.

That would be nice

Sure, we all want to go somewhere we're wanted, but isn't that what the match is supposed to provide? The reality is that too often you just can't trust the impression you get or what is being said.

Urology isn't alone...

Having talked to friends who matched in all different fields before, urology is hardly the only field who has this kind of contact- it's just a smaller community. I don't think it's all bad. We do all have very similar CVs and grades, so any separation based on interest could help. But all applicants should take any letter or verbal promises with a large chunk of salt. I don't think most programs intend on being misleading- there are just very few spots at every program. At the same time, don't assume that because you didn't hear back from a program means they didn't like you. Be careful not to base your match list based on that contact or to put all your hope in it- base your list on what you liked!

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I also was pleasantly surprised. I got a letter from the PD at my top choice where I had absolutely no hope of matching, saying that they'd love to have me. I thought it was just one of those letters, but I did match there.
For whats its worth, I know that he sent the same letter to other people who didn't match there. Don't believe anyone or anything!

Balls in the air

I matched halfway down my list, past several places that had said they would "rank my very highly", including one that had told me I would match there. I was lucky enough to interview at a lot of places I would have been happy, so matching where I did is actually pretty awesome.

The places that said they would rank me highly don't bother me. For all I know I was one below where they matched and any other year (since we had fewer applicants than there have been lately) that spot has matched there.

But the place that outright lied bothers me. I suppose in the end it's better I'm not there given the......character quality.