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221 on Step 1, nervous! Step 2 next week or OK for Sept-Oct?

Hello.I am supposed to take Step 2 next week, but I am not ready. I am currently on a Urology Sub-I at my school, then I have my away Urology Sub-I in Aug. So far it hasn't been a good idea to study for Step 2 while trying to rock the Sub-I (which is going well!). However, I scored 221 on Step 1 and am nervous about whether I should take Step 2 as scheduled before submitting the ERAS, or whether it is OK to move it and wait to take Step 2 in September (looks like no spots where I could take it, right now) or October (spots available). From what I understand most programs have a cut off Step 1 score, and I especially don't want to be locked out of the door if they see the Step 1 and have no Step 2 to help make their decision about looking at me.Thoughts, pls?Thanks.