Aways in October?

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Aways in October?

I am contemplating doing a second away rotation, but the only slot in my schedule that would fit it would be in October. I know it will obviously be far too late to obtain a meaningful letter (maybe get one out in time before schools rank) but more importantly would this be poor form in terms of having to possibly leave for interviews in October? I am thinking yes...but really want to go to this away site!

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If you think you want to go there.

I think if its a place you would like to match at then go for it. Your right about not having a letter in time to help your application. I think most programs would be okay with you leaving for interviews since they know it's competitive process and it would likely make you seem like a competitive applicant to that program. But also remember that interviewing can be expensive and so can doing aways that aren't close to home. I say do it if its a program you plan on ranking highly.

It is a program that I would

It is a program that I would rank probably top 3 based on what I know about it and its location. That said, I cannot imagine that I am very competitive for what they'd be looking for if I am being real with myself

Kind of a semi-related

Kind of a semi-related question: will we be able to get letters from our September rotation in time for the application? If not, I'm thinking I'm just going to have to put off Step 2... :-/

Someone who's actually been

Someone who's actually been through this can weigh in (I'm an MS3) but given that interviews start around mid-October, it seems pretty doubtful that you'd get a letter in time from a Sept. rotation.

I think you're right. Looks

I think you're right. Looks like I'll have to either cram in Step 2 with little studying, or put it off until after my first 2 uro rotations.... *grimace*

It can be done...

I took July off to study for step 2, did a uro rotation at my home school in August, and did an away in September and got a great letter from the chairman (he submitted within a week from my request). I don't know how many interviews it got me (I ended up with 20 offers), but schools had it at their disposal at the interviews. Many of my interviewers commented on the letter, and I actually ended up matching at the place where I did my away.

Relax. There is more than one ways to skin a cat. A LOT of applicants do aways in September with good results.

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Yes, It CAN be done

I too, did an away rotation in September AND October. The October rotation was at a top choice program for me and I had a wonderful month there. I actually ended up hitting it off so well with the chair there, and the other residents and PD, that he went to bat for me and called several other programs on my behalf! I believe to this day that he is the reason I got the spot I am in now. Not because of my program chair, but because their PD and other attendings called a few places for me.And to the poster above...This October rotation was also a program that "seemed" very out of my reach - i.e. MY DREAM program,  and if I looked at my stats they didn't even compare to half the applicants they interviewed, yet it ended up helping me more than anything else on my application. I may not have had the "stats" they wanted for their own program, but they saw I was a hard worker, friendly and smart and I even got a publication out of the month - and they went to bat for me. This helped me match. As the poster above said before, there are MANY ways to skin a cat....Best of Luck!

Balls in the air

It's true that interviews start in mid-october, but I can't think of anywhere that ONLY interviews in October.  The places that are interviewing in October tend to do a lot of interviews that stretch over the entire season.  Other places will only offer 2 dates, often close together in November/December.   There were a lot of people applying this year who were doing uro rotations in October, then started interviews right afterwards and had plenty of time.  As a side note, it often averages out to the same number of people who get interviews.  Fewer interview days=more applicants per day.  There are good and bad things to be said about either, but it doesn't really matter and doesn't tell you much about the nature of the program in most cases.   It stressed me out a bit this year when I realized that many places DO NOT actually look at your application right when it comes in.  I submitted mine (letters and all) the day ERAS opened.  I had one offer at the end of the week, none for the next week, and 2 the week after that.  It started to pick up a bit afterwards, but some places that interviewed in December didn't start looking through apps and sending invites until much later.   

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october away

I was on an away in October.  I had the chairman from that away write me a letter my last week there, which I emailed to the program coordinators of the schools at which I was interviewing.  The coordinators all added the letter to my file without problem (remember the faculty interviewing you don't read your letters until the day before your interview or even during your actual interview).  Nobody ever questioned the "I waive my right to read this letter" as they all understood it was a last minute letter.  I actually left on Friday of the fourth week of my October away to go to my first interview.  All this said, I matched at my October away program.  So, in sum, a letter from September (and potentially October) would definitely be ok.  A letter from an away rotation lets others know you can learn a new system quickly and that you can earn the respect of those not in your home program "family".  I would strongly recommend an October away if you are interested in the program and think you might be a borderline applicant for their program.  I would say greater than 50% of applicants match either at their home program or at a program they rotated.  You simply are a known commodity and if you don't come across as a nutjob, it will be to your benefit.