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AUA registration

 The AUA site says that registration starts this month, but also says that "registration for 2011 is now closed."  I also read that December is the deadline for registration.  Anyone have an idea when it opens? Thanks

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Yeah, I've been checking

Yeah, I've been checking periodically for the last two months, and before it had said registration for 2010 match is closed..but now when I click on the site (, it says that registration for 2011 is closed.   I read on the site as well that it was supposed to be open for registration until december..It said if you have any questions to send and email; so I just sent an email to the AUA registration help, and am waiting to here back.  I'll let you know what I find out when they respond.-Remy

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I was in the same fearful

I was in the same fearful position myself but I just heard back from the AUA - it's a web database update issue which will have the site closed until Tuesday July 6th - registration should open at that time. Best,Matt

I just heard back as well,

I just heard back as well, and I second what he said.-remy


just checked the website and the registration page is up and running.