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LOR timing

Should your LOR be in along with your app on september 1st? Or can they come in during the month of september? I'm not including letters from away institutions. thanks for any replies. 

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While it would be good to have all things in together, you can have one or two letters (especially away LOR's) come in later. I would say have them in by the first week of Oct. That's when most places give ther last looks at appiications for invites. But make sure yuou have al east one letter if not two when you submit in Sept.  

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A lot of programs will shotgun their invitations but give interviews based on first reply, first serve basis.  May not be fair, but that's the well the nuts hang in the scrotum.  That being said, if you start your Uro Sub I's in July, and do your 2nd one in August, you should be able to get 1-3 letters in July, and 1-3 in August.    You may have to light a small fire under the Urologist to get that letter in.  More likely, you will talk to their secretary who ultimately will be writing/transcribing/editing/sending it in. Most importantly, DO NOT PISS OFF THE SECRETARY or the letter will NEVER reach its final destination.  You want your application as complete as possible when you submit (scores, dean's letter, transcript, personal statement, LOR's x 3, etc) so that when programs start downloading applications, your's won't get put into the "incomplete" pile.  Sometimes, the letters come out from an attending all at one time, and you will have to wait.  Just make sure you ask for more letters than needed, and then add the other ones in later and the programs will get an update that your application has changed.  Good Luck

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When do programs normally

When do programs normally start downloading applications?