ABSITE vs. USMLE 3 for PGY1s

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ABSITE vs. USMLE 3 for PGY1s

Any upper year residents have any advice for the first upcoming ABSITE/USMLE 3 season? I am trying to decide where to focus my studying. I have heard USMLE QBank works great, but its difficult to justify spending $500 for Step III. Is it more worthwhile to spend money on a guide/question  bank for the ABSITE? If so, any recommendation as to study aids. Any suggestions for this process or even letting me know what worked for you would be grea. Thanks!

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You have to pass the USMLE 3 to be a licensed MD. The test is very heavy on Peds, OBGYN, and primary care stuff. Out of all the sections, there is only 1 that really pertains to surgery/surgical specialties.  Out of all 3 USMLE tests, this one is the most relavent and probably the easiest. But, it covers a lot of stuff you probably don't care about anymore. Bum a step 3 question book or use your old review books from 3rd year med school (high yield series, BRS, etc) to review your OBGYN, peds, internal medicine stuff. I agree Q bank is overkill. And be sure you practice with the CD you will get for the last portion of the test.Most surgery programs don't care if their 1-2 year prelims pass the ABSITE. Usually, if you do poorly, it boosts the other interns in your group.  But, make sure you ask, because every program is different.  ABSITE review books are $50 or so.Hope this helps.