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ERAS "Training offered" question

Most programs offer two options in ERAS: "Preliminary" and "Categorical." But two of the programs to which I plan to apply have vague (to me at least) options for the "training option" of the application.Wayne State offers "1st yr in General Surgery (Preliminary)" and "4 yr Urology Residency Program (Categorical)" options. Syracuse offers "Urology (Preliminary)" and "Urology (Categorical)" options.Obviously, I want to apply for categorical training this year. Should I simply select both training options at both programs? If I only select the categorical options, will I be essentially nullifying my application to those programs because I didn't also select for a preliminary year?Thanks for the help.

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it sounds to me like they're

it sounds to me like they're allowing you to do a surgery prelim year anywhere you want.  so you wouldn't nullify your app if you didn't apply to the prelim year, but you'd have to arrange to do one somewhere else instead (presumably through the NRMP).  that means a whole bunch of separate interviews, but if you're interested you can do it i suppose.  don't know how many programs in total work this way.

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Same thing happened to last

Same thing happened to last year when I applied, different programs have slightly varying semantics, but it's just that.  I always selected both and when I went to interview no difference was ever mentioned.  Most if not all programs assume that you will do your Intern year at their institution, each program has certain mixes of gen surge that they want you to get.  If nothing else, learning the system a year before you start is essential as well.  The cicrcumstances of people doing an intern year at another program usually are a result of filling an opening that came in the Uro 1 year by somebody quitting, leaving, or them expanding the program size. On  FRIEDA, some programs don't "require" that you do your prelim year there, but again that pertains more to those special cases so those people don't have to repeat their intern year again. Hope this helps.

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Wayne State requires that you

Wayne State requires that you to do your preliminary year with them. 

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intern year

don't assume anything. most programs have you do surgery on site. VERY few programs allow you off site during your 1st year.If you are not sure, CALL the program and ASK.

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How would you do it if you

How would you do it if you are also applying for a categorical gen surg as a a backup?Thanks