anyone with undownloaded app ?

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anyone with undownloaded app ?

what does that mean if still not downloaded (app is complete)? bc of some filter?contact programs and ask?

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List undownloaded to date

U illinois. Chicago
Maimonides ny
Albert einstein bronx
Some programs downloaded like last Fri!

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when did you submit?  If it

when did you submit?  If it were me and it was more than 2 days since submitting, I would make sure the dean's office had uploaded all the letters, make sure I had released my transcript, contact ERAS to make sure my payment for the apps had been processed, double check that I had assigned the appropriate statement.  Also, does it say "not yet uploaded to Post Office" or "available for download but not yet retrieved?  This is odd, I would also ask your advising dean.  How many programs did you apply to and are you seeing the same things with all of them?  I applied to 40 programs and all of them downloaded all of my materials within 1-2 d of the materials being available.  Did you apply to any programs past their deadline?  This could be another reason they are not downloading your info.

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University of Illinois @

University of Illinois @ Chicago and one other program I forget off the top of my head still have not downloaded my app. My app was pretty much complete on 9/1. Not sure.

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Sounds like an issue with the

Sounds like an issue with the programs, not with your app.  Have any of the deadlines passed for the undownloaded ones?  Might be worth an email to the admins at the non-downloading programs, but then again, might just be the way they like to do things.