University of California - Davis

Residents Per Year: Alternates between 2 and 3 per year. Urology during General Surgery: 2-4mo during PGY1, 2mo during PGY2. Research Time: 6mo during PGY5. Mireya Montelongo Phone: 916.734.2893 Fax: 916.734.8094 E-mail:
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Interview Impressions: UCDSix year program, with 2 years of general surgery up front with plenty of urology rotations during that time.  Overall good training with good volume.  They rotate at a VA and at Kaiser as well as UCD.  Lots of robotic experience with 3 robots total.  Good specialty coverage.  Six months dedicated research in PG5 year.  All of the residents said they were happy with the program, but they didn't really seem like a cohesive group to me.  I didn't get a great vibe but other people I talked to definitely did.  The people who matched there are all great.

Does anyone have any updated thoughts?

I spent this summer shadowing phsyicans at UC Davis and spent 5 rotations with the Urology department.  The attendings are fantastic, by far the friendliest of the bunch, and the residents were very friendly and among the most competent of those that I shadowed.  That said, they all have their own personalities, and the cohesiveness usually follows in the efforts that the chief resident makes to achieve this result.  Overall, they had a great team, but not as cohesive as, say, oncology.  Just a thought.

Fellow - Female/Reconstructive