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University of Arizona

Arizona Sent out dates for interviews today, not necessarily offers.November 3rd and 17th and also December 1st.  They state invitations will start going out after October 4, 2010.

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so- i've applied to

so- i've applied to Arizona...and did not recieve any such email (listing dates of interviews)what does this mean?  

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i also applied to Arizona

I did not receive this email. those dates are close to those of Mayo....did someone accidently confuse Arizona University with the Mayo AZ?

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Check your "Junk" or "spam"

Check your "Junk" or "spam" folder, also check your eras messages by logging on to eras

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no spam no junk msg from U AZ

what does that mean? is there a selective notification list? guess I am not on it then

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Here's a copy of the email

At this time I want to inform you that your application if being reviewed for selection to interview at the University of Arizona Urology Program.  Our interview dates are November 3rd and 17th and also December 1st.  Invitations will start going out after October 4, 2010. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.  Have a good weekend. Respectfully, Rosemary Balderrama Program Coordinator, Sr. Urology Program University of Arizona.

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prob just means that are only

prob just means that are only halfway through the pile of apps, their deadline hasn't even passed yet so prob doesn't mean much with regards to your prospect of an interview (would be my guess)

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you could always contact

you could always contact Rosemary and ask if they have your app and make up some reason why you wanted to double check (ie just completed it, etc).  also is your app complete by their standards?

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Interview dates are November

Interview dates are November 3rd, November 10th, andDecember 1st.  Note change in dates, they emailed the invites today.

Make sure you respond to the

Make sure you respond to the correct email address. Rosemary sent out a 2nd email with the correct address.

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Anybody receive a

Anybody receive a confirmation of their preferred date?  I replied pretty fast and did not hear back. Thanks