University of California - Irvine

Research Time: 6mo. Call: In-House 5x/month for interns, Home call for PGY2+. Fellowships: Endo, Trauma/Recon. Cynthia Shell Phone: 714.456.5371 E-mail:
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Interview Impressions2 residents per year, 6 year program with 1 year non-dedicated research.  Intern year sounded really bad compared to other places I interviewed.  Call was also pretty bad throughout... Q2 mostly.  In terms of training, definitely a high-volume place, very robotic-heavy (understatement much?), but very little actual console time.  They even have a robot at the VA so they don't even get experience there.  The hospitals are quite spread out over the Irvine area, meaning lots of driving and no really convenience places to live.  Most residents to fellowships, especially recently.When I was there, there was an interim chair while Clayman was deciding whether to become dean of the med school or chairman of the program.  I didn't follow up to find out what the decision was.Overall feeling was that the residents were proud to be there, but they were overworked and I could tell that they were trying to make excuses about their true operative experience.  They didn't seem very happy.  I ranked them last.

Terrible program. You will not be adequately trained to be a bad general urologist here. Dont let the "ivory tower" faculty names fool you. They have nothing to do with residents. The "6th year" is a worthless year that is only going to prevent you from going to a 2 year fellowship or an actual job that pays. You will be paid less than a chief resident while having attending responsibiities. Avoid avoid avoid-just look at who they have matched in the last several years. Ex uci resident.   

"just look at who they have matched in the last several years"Sounds like the problem is you, very disrespectful comment to your peers.

Fellows - Endourology, Trauma/Reconstruction