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Offered via phone today. Saturday Nov 13 Saturday Dec 11 Night before dinner with the residents. 

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same call 4pm pacific time

same call 4pm pacific time today

Same call same dates.  4:30p

Same call same dates.  4:30p Pacific.

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Share a cab?

Anybody want to split a cab directly from the airport to the dinner, around 6:30pm tomorrow?  Lemme know....marmcfly@gmail.com

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Free ride from airport to dinner around 6:30pm

I'm renting a car and will be leaving the airport around 6:30pm to go directly to the dinner. I'll probably have an SUV and I'm happy to give a ride to anyone who needs one at that time. zachary_gordon@brown.edu

Same call same

Same call same dates.  _________________________________These are instead travesties, misuses and abuses of the erotic lingerie God-honoring purpose in life.