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30 programs

Applied to 30 programs 11 IVs 4 rejections (the entire state of Massachusetts hates me) wait listed @ the rest, but still waiting to hear from 6 programs...   Step 1: 240Step 2: taking it in 2 days... Grades: H in Med and Surg, HP the rest 1 uro pub submitted.  working on 2 others1 non-uro pub sumitted, rejected, and being revised. good luck to every1!  see you on the trail

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Applied to 30 Interview

Applied to 30Interview offers - 22Applied to and havent heard from (some have sent out invites) - 7Rejected - 1Step 1 - 240'sStep 2 - havent takenAOAPubs - 2Presentations - 5Clinical Grades - all honors, one high pass in random elective