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UCLA question

Today I had a missed call from UCLA (I saw it was from LA so called the number back and got the UCLA directory) but they did not leave a message. I do not live in California and do not know anyone at UCLA, but I know they call to offer interviews. Is it one of those things "she didn't answer so on to the next person" type of thing? Does anyone who recieved an interview from them know anything about this? Would I look crazy if I emailed and asked?Thanks!!

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Not that crazy, when they

Not that crazy, when they called me they sounded really rushed and honestly I don't know if they would have left a message.  If I match there and become friends with the admin I will one day tease her about how unfriendly she sounded. 

I would send an email or call

I would send an email or call stacey for sure: Academic Affairs & Residency Training CoordinatorDepartment of UrologyDavid Geffen School of Medicine at UCLARoom CHS 66-134MC 173818Phone: 310-206-8177, Fax:310-206-5343

thank you!

thank you for the motivation to email Stacy, I was feeling like a weirdo doing that. But turns out she left me two messages and my voice mail was malfunctioning, so I am very glad I emailed her!!