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What a joke.  Don't want to

What a joke.  Don't want to go to this program even if I come off the waitlist.  Why would you want to go to a place which offers interviews like this?  Reflects poorly on the program.

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Best thing I've heard of

I think this just highlights what a crapshoot the match process is with everyone except the top 40-50 candidates.  The ACTUAL top 40-50 superstars in medical school where some famous urologist said "This is the BEST medical student in my 30 years of practice." etc.  For the middle applicants on down, do you believe that your career will be stifled if you don't go to a world famous institution?  Is this the same group of smart people who believe Nobel Laureates only come from the Ivy Leagues?

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Northwestern reads everything...

[/quote]If you think JH, Duke, NW, Mich etc. read every applicant's personal statement and LORs, you are fooling yourself. If you start with 225 and narrow to 75, you've isolated your top third. There isn't as much fat to cut from the top third, most likely. I'm not agreeing with what Georgetown does, but to think they are securing less qualified applicants is most certainly wrong. Top third of applicants to a surgical subspecialty is pretty good pick'ns, from any angle.[/quote]I'm a student at Northwestern and know for a fact that Northwestern does not 1) screen based on step 1 scores and 2) reads through the entire application packet of every single candidate (total this year was in the mid 200's). The program director here takes applications extremely seriously, as it should be.

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Swap Dec 3 for Nov 5?

 Would any of you with the November 5 date be willing to switch with me for a December 3 interview? Reply to Thanks!

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Hey all, I know getting to Georgetown from the airport can sometimes be a pain, so if you're flying in to BWI or one of the others and need a ride morning of 11/05, shoot me a message