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Just got an ERAS email, dates are 11/12, 11/19, 12/3.

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Also need swap badly for nov 19. I have nov 12. I will be in Cali that weekend anyways. Please email: pariserj@gmail.com thank you.

Swap my 11/12 for your 11/19?

Email today. Same dates. Is anyone with a 11/19 slot able to swap for a 11/12 slot?  It would be a great help!! platipoid@gmail.com

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My 11/12 for your anything....

swap my 11/12 for any other date? Prefer Nov 19, but Dec 3 Ok too.  Please email lmacleod@stanford.edu.  Thanks!

UCSF 12/3 for 11/19

If anybody has 11/19 and would like to switch to 12/3 please email me at urobeast2011@gmail.com.  Thanks.  

swap my 12/3 for your

swap my 12/3 for your 11/19?arp2127@columbia.edu