Dartmouth switch - will help you!

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Dartmouth switch - will help you!

is anyone willing to switch their 12/1 interview date for my 11/12 date?  if you take the 11/12 date, you can attend the reception that evening and not have to come back to NH 2 times (in nov for the reception and in dec for the interview). waterlilies2011@gmail.com thanks so much!!to clarify:  I am currently scheduled for Nov 12th - and would like Dec 1st.

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cancelled my dec 1 interview

cancelled my dec 1 interview today, you might be able to email Allison and get the spot.

cancelled my 12/1 interview

cancelled my 12/1 interview today as well

Dartmouth switch; my 11/12 for your 12/1

Need to switch my 11/12 interview for a 12/1 interview date.  Email me at Uroapplicant2011@gmail.com if interested.

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If anyone would like to switch their 12/1 date with the 11/12 or 11/13 date, please e-mail me at johnsonurology@gmail.com