thank you letters after interviewing

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thank you letters after interviewing

What's the opinion of sending thank you letters through email vs. snail mail?

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I think email is fine - this

I think email is fine - this is the technologically advanced speciality of Urology, after all. That do you find the email address of the PD / Chairman? 

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Email Addresses

Ask the chair or pd directly. Ask them if it is OK to contact them directly. Sometimes they will give you a business card that may have it on there, or they will just give it to you without you asking.You should all have the email to the program coordinator, who is the gateway for you all into a program. If you send it to him/her and address to the attending/chair/PD, they will usually pass it on for you. 

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Thank you notes

Should we just send them to the PD and chair or do we need to send one to all the faculty with whom we interviewed? The latter would be a lot of work.

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Agree. It is a lot of work to

Agree. It is a lot of work to write a letter to each attending. There are many ways to do this.1. Write one form letter and send to each attending independently2. Write multiple thank you cards and send to each attending independently3. Write multiple cards and send it in a large envelope to program coordinator and she can hand them out.4. Write one thank you card to the department and hopefully the coordinator will pass it along to each attending to read.A lot of times, your letter/card(s) will make it into your "file" for future reference. Figure this, most people will write a letter back to say thank you, you are my #1 pick, I love you, etc.  So if you don't, you may be a little lower on "the list."  That being said, I would recommend you buy a large box of unmarked cards with envelopes and just handwrite a quick note to each attending when you get to the airport, on the plane, or at the next hotel. Write it early so you won't forget who is who and what the heck you talked about. Good luck

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From experience:  Write one

From experience:  Write one thank you note to the PD and one to the Chair.  Send one to none, one, or two people; only if you made a good connection with that person on interview day.  Send all to the program coordinator (just ask them if this is ok).   Don't expect anyone to pass one card/letter around for you, it will not happen.

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Thank you cards vs. Thank you letters

So are we talking thank you letters with a few paragraphs? Or thank you note cards, as in a few sentences? I've seen both, but when doing however many interviews times the 8 people you interview with, that becomes a lot of letters.I personally feel a personal thank you card seems more personable and likeable, but the letter does allow one to say more things...What are your opinions?

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....and if all of us do as  you suggest, and send this many thank-yous to every program, at what point to we actually turn into sheep?

Any of the above

This is a topic that many reasonable people disagree on, and the reality is that it doesn't matter as long as you do something. These thank you notes (at least the one you send to the program director) will end up in your file, and you really just want to have something there. Whether you type/e-mail a long letter (eg: or handwrite a shorter thank you card is dealer's choice. There may be some select PD's who would prefer a handwritten card, but you can probably get a sense that that's the case when you meet them. Same advice goes for how many to send letters/cards to--it's up to you and don't stress (as others have mentioned, send to PD and chair at minimum). Best advice is to get these done on the airplane on the way home.-TM

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anyone not sending thank

anyone not sending thank yous?

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no thank yous here

in my opinion programs know the game from previous years, so thank yous is a nice gesture but in no way expected. Neither is there a specific benefit by doing so. But as I said a nice thing to do especially if the program put on a great show. Sometimes PDs ask "some" candidates to stay in touch, then definitely do so.If you wanna make sure you stay high on the list given you are genuinely interested - then better go for a second look.