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Emory Switch

If anyone with the December 6th date would be willing to switch with me for the November 8th date please contact me at imakovey@mcw.edu.

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I also have the 11/15 date and the 11/8 date would be really helpful. I would be grateful if anyone is willing to switch.

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Anyone know what dates are

Anyone know what dates are left for this?  I missed the call and my phone didn't register the voicemail until after 5pm EST.  I emailed and left a voicemail of my preferred dates but was just wondering if anyone who spoke to Jenny and knew which slots where still open?

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I would also like to switch

If anyone else has a December 6th date they'd like to switch for my November 8th date, I'd greatly appreciate it. I have another interiew in the south on the 7th and it would really make it convenient.Thanks! uroguy2011@gmail.com

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November 8th and November

November 8th and November 15th

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So Emory called today? Did you guys do an away rotation there?

Called at about 5pm EST.   No

Called at about 5pm EST. No home school or sub-I experience there.

Was there a December 6th

Was there a December 6th date? Anyone willing to switch with me as well? I have a November 8th date. email uroguy2011@gmail.com if you can. Thanks!

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emory switcheroo

Hello all,I have the 11/15 date and would love to switch it for the 11/8 date. Reply with email, and I will get in touch with you.

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Emory Switch

I have the November 15th date and would switch for either of the other two dates! please email me at lnw3k@virginia.edu if interested

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Looking to switch - I've got

Looking to switch - I've got Nov 15, looking for December 6, if that date exists. If doesn't, that is too bad.thesmsh@gmail.comThanks!