Kaiser Permanente Southern California (Los Angeles) Program - Gary Chien, MD, Program Director

Attach to Residency Program: 
Kaiser Permanente - Los Angeles
Survey Respondent: 
Gary Chien, M.D., Program Director
If you were an applicant, why would you choose to train in your residency program?: 
Relatively relaxed environment with a wide breath of clinical material and research opportunities and bright approachable attendings.
What is your program looking for in a graduating medical student?: 
Enthusiastic, motivated, smart, and hard-working individuals.
What part of an application do you consider most important in ranking applicants?: 
Great letters of recommendation and USMLE scores. Research and extracurricular activities also help with the application.
What advice do you have for medical students hoping to match in Urology?: 
Work hard on your "audition" elective rotation(s), do well on the boards. Show interest in research.