Top 5?

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Top 5?

Ok, lists are submitted and there's nothing we can change. Let's do it: Top 5!Mine:1. UCSF2. Vandy3. Stanford4. Harvard5. NYU

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Wow. Harsh. I actually liked this thread last year. I liked UCSF, too.

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USC, Stanford, Mayo AZ, Colorado, Utah

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Half of these lists are probably fiction
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1. Louisville
2. Syracuse
3. Vandy
5. Hopkins

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Hopkins still best

Mount Sinai

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no one cares about your top 5

no one cares about your top 5 get a life

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geez, i guess geography

geez, i guess geography played absolutely no role in making your list, huh?  i just find it hard to believe that the same individual can be equally content in their lifestyle living in san fran, nashville, LA, or Boston.  good luck!

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Yeah...seriously counter-productive.  That said1. #1 school in the country (based on arbitrary quantifiers like pissing distance)2. #2 school in the country3. #3 school in the country4. Whatever my wife posted5. Wherever my mistress is6. The only place I interviewed. 

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Top 5

Why are people lying about their rank list. I also enjoyed this topic last year. I would not give out mine until people start telling the truth.

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1.) Wash U  2.) Indiana  3.)

1.) Wash U 2.) Indiana 3.) Michigan 4.) Loyola 5.) Iowa  Good luck all!