brigham away rotation?

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brigham away rotation?

Does anyone know if the brigham or any of the harvard hospitals have away rotations? I tried looking at their course catalog and can't seem to find anything. Thanks!

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They do, but the problem is

They do, but the problem is you have to apply through Harvard Medical School and list the affiliated programs in the order you are interested.  You may want to go to BWH or MGH, but may end up at the BI Deaconess.  The Harvard students get first choice and the rest is filled in with visiting students.  I did residency at MGH after doing a sub-I there.  I requested MGH and followed up with several phone calls to make sure I got it.  Try and find someone at the Department you want to go to and see if they can help you out.  If you want to go to MGH try contacting one of the younger staff.  They are usually eager to help out. Hope this helps.