To Endings and Beginnings

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To Endings and Beginnings

 I matched. It feels like whenever these big moments happen in life, it’s always hard to have a respectable reaction prepared.  No graceful acceptance speeches, no calm and rehearsed cheers, nor moments like in the movies when background music fades and the camera zooms in on the actor’s face and he shows a beautiful knowing smile.  I just jumped out of bed in my underwear and ran around the house with a stupid giggle while waving my phone in the air. The weekend leading up to it was the most painful. It’s the kind of anxiety that comes with a helpless waiting. I felt restless, nervy, and probably a bit jumpy (apologies to all who tolerated me).  There was only one way out that I could see, and it was to distract myself with something. I watched at least 5 movies in one day, some plots are just a blur now, but it worked while it lasted. However, in the moments when I wasn’t occupied with something, I found myself second-guessing certain moments along the interview trail. Should I have sent that extra thank-you note? Should I have done a second look? Why did I drink 3 beers that one night…? I probably would’ve been better off not making that joke about elephant and the penis… Backup plans were rehashed in case of a real possibility of not matching. So on and so forth. Overall, an absolutely fantastic weekend for everyone, no doubt?  If I had any advice for up and comers, I’d say take some powerful IV narcotics as early as you can and wean to PO Monday morning.  (JK) I couldn’t sleep much the night before, and woke up around 7 on Monday morning. For the next 2 hours, I curled in the fetal position in bed clutching to the glow of my iPhone, refreshing email every 2 minutes. Finally, the news came and what followed was a mixture joy and shock, and a bit of vindication for the hard work we’ve done. For most of us, this would be the first step we take to building a career in something we love to do. And in the age of delayed onset of social and personal responsibilities in the name of higher education, it’s a good feeling to make that step.   The email mentioned that 268 (now 271) out of 339 matched, and by my calculations it’s just below 80%. That’s one in five applicants who submitted lists and didn’t match. For the guys who didn’t make it this year, I think I speak for all of us that we feel your pain as all of us were prepared in one way or another to various degrees to take on the bad news. It can’t be easy and I won’t pretend to know how it feels as this point, but I wish you the best of luck in future endeavors - especially the ones who’re keeping the dream alive. To those who matched, I’m really excited to have you as future colleagues because meeting all of you on the trail was a reminder of why I love Urology in the first place. To join in on a recent discussion regarding memorable moments, here are mine: Worst: Not exactly part of the interview process, but I had a sports injury to the back at the beginning of 4th year, and had no choice but to struggle through an important away rotation with nagging pain. Outside it was all smiles and enthusiasm, inside it was all NSAIDs with a fear of long OR cases. Best: Every beer at the airport with fellow applicants. Such great bonding moments. Speaking of which, here’s raising the cup to all those who’ve put in the work this season, I wish you all the best.

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