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Non- MN Mayo Programs

What does anybody know about Non- Rochester, MN mayo programs.  Mayo Scottsdale and Jacksonville both have the Mayo name, but i'm curious what the programs are like.  Good training?  Competetive?  Thanks!

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They are, like pretty much

They are, like pretty much every other program in the country....good programs.Do realize that  you can get "good training" pretty much everywhere though. The differences between programs come down to very specific details so you have to be more specific about what you are looking for.If you are looking for a program with a fancy name, that's fine, just be honest about it.Competitive? Doesn't really apply at this level, but sure.They both follow the "mayo model" where you work exclusively with one doc each month or so, that's the only thing that makes them significantly different from anywhere else.In practice, they are very similarly structured to Mayo MN...but their respective hospitals are not massive complexes.Both programs have happy residents. Well supported. Lots of robotics/endo/lap.

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The residents at Mayo-AZ all

The residents at Mayo-AZ all seem very friendly and down to earth.  They have plenty of volume, they perform any where from 6-10 robotic prostates a week, a bunch of bunch of lap kidney cases, and a good variety of other cases, a lot of oncology.  The residents are very comfortable with lap/robotic surgery.  With the mentorship model they get to operate very early and often.  Their PGY-2's probably do as much if not more on a robotic prostate then what the majority of what chief residents get to do at other programs.  Only real weakness is infertility, which can get supplemented during elective time.  All their faculty seem very approachable.  And Az seems like a cool place to live.

What about for aways?

Anyone have any experience rotating at either of these places?  Good, bad, otherwise?  I'm looking at both of these programs VERY seriously, and was thinking about doing at least an audition rotation at one of them.  But, then again, I may need an LOR, so I was wondering if people thought they'd be good choices (i.e. not over-crowded) or if I should go to a more well-known program for LOR(s).

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2nd year

at our program, the chiefs pretty do the entire robotic case. initially in segments and then later on in chief year the entire case. this is what the 2nd years at mayo az are donig?