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Big City Urology

I have heard many people say that urologists are paid less in big cities such as LA or San Fran. I am assuming this is due to competition, but I do not know how so. Does having competition mean that each procedure pays less because insurance companies know they can get away with it? or does this just mean that there is less volume?This is important to know, because the former would imply that you can never reach the potential you can reach in smaller cities, whereas the latter implies that it just takes a little longer to build your practice. Also, how much do incomes typically go up from the 1st year starting salary?

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No one is going to dispute that there is more competition in big cities such as San Francision, San Diego and even other big cities.  Urologists will cluster in big cities especially ones that are felt to be more desirable to live in.  Also, jobs in rural areas will pay more because the hospitals need to fill a vacancy which can be challenging.  They throw large signing bonuses, loan repayments, and large salaries (up to $700,000) to entice people.  Many people would be enticed to San Francisco for less money. Relative salary is based on a lot of factors, and I believe this is what people criticize:1. Cost of living of the city you live in: Cost more to live in San Francisco than San Antonio which includes taxes, housing prices, etc2. Malpractice: especially states without tort reform malpractice can cost significantly more3. Medicare reimbursement: a lot of insurance company mirror there reimbursement based on Medicare.  Physicians reportedly receive less in certain areas of California and other regions in the country.  The same goes with Peds4. HMO's: earning potential is less and they control a large number of physicians, capitol, and patients.  California is full of HMO's for better or worse.In the end, you have to decide what type of lifestyle you want.  You will get paid more to live in South Dakota then California.  Does not mean you will not make it in California, but competition can be an issue

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big city

700k is pretty spectacular. What are jobs in San Francisco or LA going for? Also, where do you guys find jobs besides word of mouth? (Is there a good website?)

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When I was looking for a job

When I was looking for a job I started with places that I wanted to live, looked up the programs in that area, and cold called them to send out a CV.I ended up in Wichita, after training in NYC, because 1), I have family here, 2) the salaries are higher and the cost of living lower (5-600k production) and 3) low competition so you are as busy as you want and you get to be a pretty good surgeon quickly.  This started out as a 5 year trial job, but now starting on year 3 I realize I can fly to NYC or LA for $300 direct, so I am going to stick with it.Clay LyddaneWe are hiring BTW if interestedVia Christi Clinic, Kansas’ largest multi-specialty Physician group practice, is seeking a urologist with an emphasis on robotics and minimally invasive procedures, to provide quality care to its extensive patient base in Wichita, Kansas. Via Christi Health is the largest health care provider in Kansas and developing a highly integrated system including Via Christi Clinic, Via Christi Hospitals and Via Christi Senior Villages.

  • Join an established group of 4 successful and well-respected urologists with a combined tenure of over 50 years
  • High income potential with competitive 2 year guaranteed salary and Work-RVU production incentives
  • Integrated model of care with strong, built-in referral system encompassing over 200 employed Physicians within immediate area and dedicated outreach team for external referrals
  • Regional medical hub offering expertise in all areas of medicine with a patient catchment area of approximately 1 million people
  • 9 daVinci Robotic systems in the service area with vast minimally invasive support, flexible scheduling and block time available, expert staff with rapid OR turnover
  • Office location includes Same Day Surgery Center, pharmacy, radiology and lab
  • Dedicated Physician marketing assistance and mentoring program to assist in quickly building the practice
  • Clinical research opportunities offering more than 25 years of research experience with a centralized and certified staff to assist
  • Academic affiliation with the University of Kansas School of Medicine- Wichita affording the opportunity to educate medical students and residents

Also seeking urologists with specialty training in pediatrics and female reconstruction.Emphasizing patient satisfaction, quality of care and collegial interaction! Our comprehensive health care organization is the largest in the state of Kansas with over 90 points of entry encompassing acute care, outpatient clinics and senior services. Employing over 200 Physicians across 40 specialties, there is a vast opportunity to build your practice within Via Christi Clinic. Live the Good Life in Wichita!

  • Family-friendly metropolitan area of approximately 500,000 people with entertaining attractions and a variety of cultural activities
  • Award-winning public and private school systems
  • Averages 225 sunny days a year
  • 80 parks throughout the city and over 18 golf courses
  • ranked Wichita as the #1 Best Place to Live the Good Life Cheaply and #2 in Top Cities for Jobs
  • Kiplinger’s named Wichita one of the Top 50 Places to Live in the U.S.
  • Kansas listed as one of the top five states to practice medicine in the Physicians Practice Journal

Websites of interest:Via Christi ClinicVia Christi HealthWichita Convention and Visitors BureauCity of WichitaPhysician Opportunities throughout the state of Kansas! If you or someone you know would like to learn more about our job opportunities and commitment to assisting you in finding the right practice opportunity, contact Maxey Wiggins, physician recruitment manager: or 316.268.8105.