2011-2012 Interview Dates

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2011-2012 Interview Dates

Would the person in charge of creating new forums (fora?) create an Interviews section for this application season?Thank you.

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Anonymous (not verified)
Agreed.  Please update and/or

Agreed.  Please update and/or create a new forum for this year's interviews!!

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any invites yet?

Has anyone receied any invites yet?

Agreed.  Please create a new

Agreed.  Please create a new forum.

Attnetion to forum please

Would you please make the 11-12 interview thread up and running?and what's up with all the spam on this forum?

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Wake Forest

Two dates:November 6thNovember 20thGood luck everyone!

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Wake Forest

Nov 6 or   Nov 20 2012; night before dinner.Is there a calendar on here to post thist sort of stuff?

University of Missouri

Interview offered today, dates are: 10/12, 10/19, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 12/7

Does the board have a

Does the board have a moderator? That 11-12 board really needs to get up running! Thanks!

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Case Western

Through ERAS email. Three dates with dinner the night before. October 29th, November 5th, November 12th.UroMatch really needs to get their act together and get the 2011-12 board up!

2011-2012 interviews forum now up

Thanks for your patience -- we now (finally) have the 2011-2012 forums up and running. Crept up a little fast on us this year. . . Sorry about that.-TM