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13 rejections of 65

Heard nothing yet also

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South Carolinasi

South Carolinasi


Rejection from MUSC- sad times:(  I love Charleston!

MGH and Mount Sinai

MGH and Mount Sinai yesterday, MUSC this morning. Delightful

U Florida and musc today so

U Florida and musc today so far

ADD USF to list of rejections

ADD USF to list of rejections today

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Does that count as am on waiting list???Non ERAS E-mail from them stating:It is with much regret that I have to inform you that as of this date, your application has not been selected.As there are occasional cancellations by selected candidates, we will keep your application available until completion of the match cycle.???

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don't know if it was a waitlist or standard rejection:we had an extremely high volume of excellent candidates that applied, and although you are highly qualified, we are unable to offer you an invitation to interview at this time. However, we will  certainly notify you if a spot opens up for an interview.

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Got the same email. I love those emails saying: Hey, you're cute but i am not dating this super hot chick. If she dumps me, I would totally go out with you...Wailist and rejection are probably the same at this point when 90% of programs have send their invites already. 


Was it really necessary to send two rejection emails? Ouch.