Past deadline?

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Past deadline?

Which programs are now past deadline? If a person is waiting for a letter, would they still be able to be considered at those programs?

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Cornell and Duke had Sept

Cornell and Duke had Sept 15th deadlines.   I have no idea about letters.

Per Duke's

Per Duke's website:"Applications should be completed (except for the Dean's letter) no later than September 15."

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The following programs have

The following programs have deadlines that are past due: Albany, Columbia, NYU, Unniv Tennessee, Temple, Unniv Minnesota, Kaiser, UCLA, Unniv New mexico, Unniv Washington, Hope that helps

my 3rd LOR was downloaded by

my 3rd LOR was downloaded by Duke on 9/16 and school transcript on 9/19 for cornell, 3rd letter downloaded on 9/16 but still haven't accessed transcript

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If you're a DO, UMDNJ is passed deadline, it was Sept 15th. Interviews have already been offered.