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Case Western

anyone currently scheduled for 11/12 like to switch to 11/5? please email me:

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Have 11/12, interested in switching to 11/5

Hey guys, anybody interested in switching CWRU interview dates?... I am scheduled for 11/12, but would like to switch to 11/5. Interested? Please email me at

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have 11/5 but trying to

have 11/5 but trying to change to 10/29. please let me know if you're looking to swap!

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canceling 11/5

hope this helps!

another switch

I have 11/5 and am looking to switch for 10/29. Any help? Email me:

Looking for 10/29 with $$$

Hey guys - I have 11/12 looking for 10/29. I will buy you drinks for as many times we meet on the trail and I will pay for your stay! This is super important for me. Please let me know if it works out for you 29ers! nimab@jhmi.eduThanks!!

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My 10/29 for your 11/5

I need to switch my 10/29 for your 11/5... email me at Thanks.


Hey guys...currently scheduled for interview on 10/29.  Anyone want to split a hotel room the night before...also anybody going to airport after interview who wants to split a cab?  

Have 11/5 want 11/12 or 10/29

Any one looking to take my 11/5 and give me their 11/12 or 10/29? Please let me know at  Thanks