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By ERAS message today:11/11, 11/18, 12/2 with post interview dinner

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This one hurts quite a

This one hurts quite a bit...I think I am a sufficiently competitive applicant and was actually attracted to the prospects of washington DC with this program since I had it high on my list of places I would like to is unfortunate that it doesn't seem like they took my application seriously given nothing Geographic in my application.It seems however that the original post is by someone from Texas...did you do an away there or is there a way they could've gathered your interest in DC?

No away there, haven't spent

No away there, haven't spent any significant time in DC.

its 6:00 pm ...

Haha - did everyone press 'send' exactly when the clock hit 6:00 pm? I wouldn't be surprised if the coordinator's inbox crashes lol.What a ridiculous process .. smh

I sent the e-mail at exactly

I sent the e-mail at exactly 6 pm ET and I got my second choice.  WTF.


6:01 pm. No dice.


and all slots filled. 

urology not neu...
6:01, no interviews left.  I

6:01, no interviews left.  I wonder how many offers they gave out.  

6pm EST on the dot. No dice.

6pm EST on the dot. No dice. That's ridiculous. There must be something more to it, and what a ridiculous system. It almost makes me not even want to come off the waitlist if offered... It's funny because it seems fair to have everyone do it at once, but if you're going to do it that way you should make offers and slots equal... Just my opinion. If I ever get into residency and make my way up the ranks to program director that's what I'd do ;-)

Urine Trouble

I had a feeling they were going to cut the people who emailed close to 6pm some slack and that's why I sent an email at 5:59 AND at 6:00.  She replied to my 5:59 email with my first choice.  Felt like I was using ebay to get the interview.

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well that's just ridiculous