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Agree - cocktails appear to

Agree - cocktails appear to be same day as interview.  I'm there 11/20.  Definitely looking to hang around town an extra day if anyone wants to get together.

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No confirmation, late e-mail

No confirmation, late e-mail response after long day in the OR.  This may have been a Georgetown situation. Anyone else still waiting to hear?  

Date swap

Anyone have an 11/20 interview that would like to switch for an 11/12?  Let me know!

cocktail evening before 12th

sorry for the confusion. i guess it depends on the dates but for the 12th, reception is before and not after. 

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reck1ess wrote:
relax fellas, the admins are busy with other responsibilities. they're not just hired to cater only to eras applicants just got the confirmation from Sabine. cocktail reception from 6-9p night before. i look forward to meeting you gentleman. who's staying one more night for a night out in town? i know i am 
Fluoro wrote:
Has anyone gotten confirmation of their date from here yet?  I hope it doesnt turn into a georgetown situation. 
My interview for November 20th suggests that activities are 6-9pm same day as interview not night before