Harvard- BWH/Longwood Switch

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Harvard- BWH/Longwood Switch

Anyone with the 12/10 date that can switch to 11/12?  I have major conflict and would appreciate any help at this point!

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And please email me at uro2012switches@gmail.com if you can.Thanks!

have they confirmed you yet?

have they confirmed you yet?


I responded within minutes for 12/10, haven't heard anything back yet. Maybe that's a good thing?

From the email

just a little nugget from the invite email, not sure how seriously they take this but:  "Once you have confirmed your date, it is not possible to change it." 

strangury when ...
I responded within minutes as

I responded within minutes as well.  Got an email back saying the date was full.I noticed that same caveat for dates from their email... Hoping an exception can be made!

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did anyone who requested

did anyone who requested 12/10 get a confirmation email?

Nope, not yet.  Since those

Nope, not yet.  Since those who didn't get the date have already heard back, I'm hoping that means I got it...