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Greetings 2010 applicants! I just completed my chief year at Robert Wood and passed my boards so I finally have a few moments to post on this site and update you all on our fine program. Some people have also asked about the fellowship that I am doing in France so I will post a link for this as well.www.imm.frIf you want more specific info, email me and I will send you an overview of the program at the L'Institut Mutualiste Montsouris. Briefly, it is a well-known center of excellence in Europe for laparoscopic urology. The fellowship is non-paid but confers the advantage of an intense surgical training period in 6 to 12 months as opposed to the more standarized 2 to 3 year fellowships available in the States.Now back to RWJ...Once again, I would like to send best wishes to all of you as you start the exciting process of finding your urology "home" for the next 5-6 years. If you've seen my previous post, you know a bit about our program. I would like to update this for 2010-2011 so that each of you has a good understanding of our residency. Currently, we have 8 full-time attendings on faculty: Dr. Joseph Barone (Division Chief) - Pediatric Urology Dr. Robert Weiss (Program Director) - GU Oncology Dr. Isaac Kim - Robotic Urology Dr. Murali Ankem - Minimally Invasive/Endourology Dr. Joel Goldsmith - Ambulatory Urology Dr. Hari Tunuguntla - Female Urology Dr. Michael Karellas - GU Oncology Dr. Tom Jang - GU Oncology We still carry 2 residents per year and remain a 6 year program (2 yrs General Surgery + 4 yrs Urology) at this time. The advantage of the extra year in General Surgery is primarily better exposure to critical care and development of surgical technique. At Robert Wood, we continue to have a very high case volume (2-4 nephrectomies per week, 1 cystectomy per week, 6-7 robotic prostates per week, 1 pediatric robotic pyeloplasty per week, 20-30 endourology cases per week, 10-15 pediatric cases per week). We currently have 2 robots (1 daVinci and 1 daVinci S). Additionally, part of our training is spent at off-site locations (University Medical Center of Princeton & Cooper University Hospital), providing a different perspective on how to provide the best urologic care. We now have a fully functional minimally invasive simulation lab, including the brand-new RoSS robotic trainer pioneered by Dr. Kurshid Guru. We are the FIRST program in the country to obtain this important teaching tool. We also have frequent hands-on robotic training exercises to complement the didactic teaching we receive from our excellent faculty. Recent visiting professors in the past 2 years include Dr. John Gearhart (Johns Hopkins), Dr. Ralph Clayman (UC-Irvine), Dr. Ray Rackley (Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Khurshid Guru (Roswell Park), and Dr. Stephen Krause (UT-San Antonio). Opportunities for research are also excellent. The residents' work has been presented at a number of major meetings, including the American Urological Association, World Congress of Endourology, American College of Surgeons, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Opportunities for work at outside institutions also are available. The leadership and faculty at our institution is very stable, with almost every subspecialty of urology represented and a division chief and program director each with more than ten years of service at Robert Wood Johnson. We continue to enjoy a healthy relationship with the many community urologists who operate in our system as well. Currently, our chief residents are Dr. Dohyoon Cha ( and Dr. Shilpa Lamba ( Dr. Cha will be doing a female urology fellowship at Columbia-Presbyterian next year and Dr. Lamba will be pursuing private practice in the Northeast. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. Also, you can email me at or call me at 917-365-1920). Also, if you are interested in spending a day with us for either a first or second look visit, please contact Ms. Noreen Morris at 732-235-6813 to arrange this and be sure to let her know you saw this posting. Best of luck to all of you.Matt Ercolani, MD

2013 will be the first year of the transition to a 5 year program

Program update:Greetings 2014 applicants. Congratulations on starting the exciting journey to enter this rewarding field. I want to extend the previous posts from my counterparts and add recent updates for our program, so that all of you have a good understanding of our residency. Currently, we have 9 academic attendings at RWJ in New Brunswick:Dr. Joseph Barone (Division Chief) - Pediatric UrologyDr. Robert Weiss (Program Director) - OncologyDr. Isaac Kim - Robotics, OncologyDr. Joel Goldsmith - General Urology/Resident ClinicDr. Hari Tununguntla - Female UrologyDr. Eric Singer - Oncology, RoboticsDr. Saya Segal - Female UrologyDr. Ephrem Olweny - Robotics, EndourologyDr. Sammy Elsamra - Robotics, Endourology In addition, we cover many other private practice urologists with operating privileges at RWJ hospital. We are a 2 resident/year program and are now a 5 year program (1 year general surgery + 4 years urology) fully integrated with Rutgers. The affiliation with Rutgers and Cancer Institute of New Jersey offers us increased research opportunities and ability to encounter and treat a wide variety of urologic pathology.  We continue to have a high case volume at our core hospital, RWJ (2-4 nephrectomies per week, 1 cystectomy per week, 4-5 robotic prostates per week, 20-30 endourology cases per week, 10-15 pediatric cases per week). We currently also have 2 robotic systems at RWJ, a teaching console, and 2 robotic simulators. All residents benefit from a core training program centered at RWJMS, the Cancer Institute of NJ and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children's Hospital. Our children's hospital also recently opened the Center for Advanced Pediatric Surgery, a 17,000 square foot facility dedicated to pediatric surgical care. Additionally, we also spend our time at 2 other hospitals, Princeton hospital as a Uro-3 and Jersey Shore hospital as a Uro-1 and Uro-3. These locations provide a private practice experience, a different perspective on urologic care, and an opportunity to interact with multiple distinct populations. Each site has access to a daVinci robot and offers a wide range of operative experience. For a full breakdown of our residency, please visit: We look forward to having you visit us on the banks of the Old Raritan.You can contact me at for any further information or questions. Kind Regards,Rut PatelUro-1Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital