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Kaiser LA

Our interview dates are the following Wednesdays: November 16 and 23 andDecember 7 and 14. The interview day starts at 9:30 am and lasts untilapproximately 4:30 pm.Offered Via ERAS Email

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Damn! Wanted this one. 


Same here. anyone else hear from them? 

uroapps wrote:
Damn! Wanted this one. 

offer via ERAS

offered via ERAS yesterday...same dates

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I wanted this one too

Man I have been waiting for this one. Did not get it yet. 

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Kaiser LA received record

Kaiser LA received record applications this year, well over 130.....

2nd wave!

whooo for 2nd wave of invites! from eras email, two dates 11/16th and 12/7th.confirmed for 11/16th but this is conflicting with another interview. does anyone with the 11/23rd date want to switch? can use this to visit family in LA for thanksgiving. Also willing to consider 12/14th date.please email urouser@gmail.com for the switch and reply to this post!

11/16 for your 12/7 or 12/14

I would love to switch my 11/16 for your 12/7 or 12/14. I will pay for your stay there in LA. Thanks so much. if you are interested please email me at atipben@gmail.com