Good under the radar programs

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Good under the radar programs

Just to change things up a bit since most invites have now been offered, I wanted to put a different question on the table. Specifically, I was interested in getting people's thoughts on LIJ, downstate and BU. These all seem like great programs with solid training, but the name is clearly not as strong as some of the other NY and MA programs. I was curious to get your thoughts as to:

1) Training received at each
2) Resident happiness
3) Would you rank these schools above top 25 programs if you had regional restrictions?
3) What is your perception of the strength of the name and would it hurt an academic career to be at one of these institutions vs. a top 25 school?

Feel free to through Einstein into the mix as I don't know a ton about this program as well.

I know there are old threads on these programs, but I'd love to get a fresh, new insight.


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