DO student seeks advice from other DO's

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here's my email

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Just applied this last year. Nothing is official yet, but I'm in the process of writing a detailed summary of my recommendations and experience. Create an email for me to send it to, and I'll forward it your way when I'm done in a few weeks.
 hey there. can you send me an email about your experiences to 

Where are you going next year?

Where did everyone match in the DO match?  Fill in the Master List.

OMSIII Seeking Advice

Hey, I am an OMSIII currently setting up my fourth year rotations.  I have had some amazing urology exposure while on my rotations and am excited about possibility of persuing urology.  I would greatly appreciate it if there are any DO residents whom I could reach out to via e-mail or PM. I plan to apply to DO programs exclusively and am looking for advice from anyone who has gone through the process. Many thanks!