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It's easy to get blinders

It's easy to get blinders while you're in medical school where "every" test score matters and to think that everything on your application gets counted, but that's not the way it works. If your Step 1 is good enough then no one even cares about the Step 2. A guy with scores of 250/265 is exactly the same as a guy with a 250 and a missing Step 2. So again, if your Step 1 is good enough, your Step 2 (or lack thereof) does not matter. Unless it hurts you.

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I appreciate the feedback. Do

I appreciate the feedback. Do you mind saying if you are a student or resident just to know from what perspective this is coming from? My school counselor is pushing me into thinking CK is absolutely necessary. Thanks

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FWIW My home PD personally reviews each application & selects whom to interview. He specifically told a group of us (MS3s) that not having Step2 at time of application was a red flag and that a good step 2 score can "make up" for a lower Step1 score as long as the rest of the application is sufficient. He didn't go as far as to say that he wouldn't offer an interview without Step2, but did say it would absolutely be questioned at the time of interview if that was the case. This is coming from a non-big-name academic program.

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urologymatch even recommends against taking it

Why is it that even this website itself recommends against taking step 2 if the step 1 score is solid? is it just outdated?

Sites not outdated

I think the opinions of most who make interview decisions (not all) is still that taking Step 2 can only hurt you if you have a good Step 1. 

what do you guys consider a

what do you guys consider a score that warrants waiting on step 2? I have a 240 and i'm debating this.

My PD told me not to take

My PD told me not to take step 2 with a 243. He said that he recommends it if youre under 230 or so and shoot for a 20 point jump. He said that he honestly doesn't look at step 2 for anyone except if they were in that 230 or less category.