3rd year electives for Urology Hopeful

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3rd year electives for Urology Hopeful

I am currently a 2nd year, starting rotations in June. I am very interested in Urology and was looking some some thoughts on the best way to use my electives to prepare well for 4th year and audition rotations. Here is my rotation sequence, any advice on what to do for my two electives would be most appreciated. Sequence: Elective (planning on surgery), Vacation, Psych, ELECTIVE (8/27-9/21),IM, IM, IM, OB, PED, ELECTIVE (2/11/12-03/08/12),FP, Surgery, Surgery

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First choice is obviously a

First choice is obviously a urology elective. Second choice(s) are general surgery electives of some sort, I'd stay away from ENT or ortho (unless you're interested in them) b/c I think they're not going to prepare you as well as some kind of abdominal/pelvic surgical specialty. Otherwise I think anything you do where you're actually working and taking care of patients with issues is going to help you improve and give you some skills (i.e. a good IM rotation, ICU, etc.).