Earliest interview dates?

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Earliest interview dates?

Trying to plan out 4th year scheduling.. when is the earliest date-ish that programs begin to interview? Couldn't find a totally composite list in the forum of dates.Thanks!

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I am also interested in this.

I am also interested in this. Would an away rotation in October be ok, or would I be away at interviews for a lot of the time?

The earliest dates are around

The earliest dates are around the early-middle of October (like a few days before the 15th). Some programs interview in October but I don't think you'll be slammed with October dates even if you wanted them. Most places still only have dates in Nov/Dec.  An October away is definitely too late to make it into your app but might be the perfect time to make an impression at a place you care about. You might have to miss a couple of days for interviews but they'll understand and you can probably work more weekends or something & make up for it.

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My earliest interview was Oct

My earliest interview was Oct 29.  I could have scheduled some interviews earlier in the month (middle-end of oct), but they had mutliple dates.  One of the problems I encountered during Oct was responding to interviews.  You will be getting multiple emails and will likely need to respond relatively quickly.  If you are on a serious away rotation it is possible you might not get your 1st or 2nd choice for interview date if you respond much later in the day.  I had a rotation where I could easily slip out for a moment and make a call back to the programs.  Otherwise, the majority of interviews are November (excluding Thanksgiving week) and early december.  Good luck.