MS3 advice after step 1

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MS3 advice after step 1

 Hi to all that see and maybe help me out with this post.  I am an MS3 (just began last week) interested in urology since a great experience i had while shadowing during fist year.  I recently took my step 1 during the summer and scored a 240, i am top third of my class, spent last summer doing research at Mayo Clinic (GI since I still wasnt 100% sure of urology) and presented 1 poster of such research and was co-author of another.  I've also been in contact with my local urology department for connections & networking and am planning on starting some research during this year.  I guess my question is (as are many questions here) What are my chances? What steps should I have in mind to be better prepared to hopefully match? and What can make me more competitive for residency match?  I want to get a start on all this since I would really love to acheive matching in urology.  Thank you all for your help any other advice greatly appreciated and sorry for having so many common questions, just really interested in getting some direct advice.  ;-)

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I'm in the same boat with a step I in the 240s and middle of my class. 

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You're off to a good start.

You're off to a good start. The most important things you can do right now are to do incredibly well in third year, really get to know your urology faculty so they can write you good letters, and stay involved in research. As long as you can keep up with these things, you should have a very good shot.You can read around the faculty survey results to see the kinds of things programs value and try to tailor your activities to match them -