By early fourth year you should start actively looking for an advisor who will help guide you through the match process. This person is often the chairman of your department, but can also be any other Urology faculty member who expresses interest in counseling you through the residency match process. People that write your letters of recommendation are usually very willing to advise you. Make sure the physician you select is intimately involved in the resident selection process, as the person who is "in the know" is most likely to give the best advice. The advisor can help judge the strength of your application and suggest where you should apply. It is especially important to get a good advisor if you think your application is not very strong--this person will give you the best assessment of whether it is worthwhile to go through with the whole process and how to make a back up plan. Towards the end of match season, some advisors will be willing to make phone calls on your behalf to your first choice residency.