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Don't waste your time applying to here. The program isn't really considering anyone else other than the 3 or 4 people who they already have in mind.

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Shoot I already submitted -

Shoot I already submitted - should I withdraw myself?  LOL what a joke.

Well if an anonymous stranger

Well if an anonymous stranger on the internet says it then it must be so...

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I have heard the same thing from other people. They have a history of taking people from their research department and I heard there are some inside connections for the other 1-2 spots. I am still applying, but I am not going to be suprised if I don't match there.

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Dont listen to anything you hear on this board. Dipen Parehk is the new chairman, he started a few weeks ago after leaving UTSA. He is a wonderful person and I think the residents are quite fortunate to have him. I would be shocked if anyone said anything but great things about him. I am certain he will turn this program into a great training place.When a program gets new leadership, a lot changes.

I agree. I would not waste

I agree. I would not waste money to go interview there. The only plus is that they let you take your own files around so you get to read your letters of rec ;)

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I would not say that

Now I do not know for sure. but there is a new chair that may change things. But historically they usually d take people who rotated there or did reseaqrhc there. I heard it is a situation in which every person in the department has a vote going from Uro 3 so it makes sense they end up with people they know.

UMiami Program ...
Setting the record straight

I realize I am posting to an old thread but I want to set the record straight. The previous posts may have been true in the past but they are no longer true. In addition to a new Chairman (since August 2012), we have a new Program director (me) since August 2013. Also, including the new Chair and myself, there are 4 new faculty since since 8/2012, three of which were added in 2013 alone. Further, another faculty will be joining in July 2014 after he finishes fellowship at another institution. We are actively recruiting more faculty, with four candidates having interviewed in the last several months. This is in addition to the outstanding physicians who were already on the faculty before the new Chair came aboard. Thus we are a changing and rapidly expanding program.As the PD, I can tell you that we have looked at every residency application and offered interviews based solely on the merit of the applications (an incredibly challenging task given how amazing the majority of applicants are these days). There is nobody interviewing this year from our "research department". Also, we do have our residents involved in the interview process - it only makes sense that they have some say in selecting whom they will be working with in the future. This is not unique, many programs do this. If you interview at a program and aren't given access to talk to the residents, I would say that's a red flag. Also, not "every person in the department has a vote". There are 8 faculty involved in the interview/selection process, limited by the fact that it would be exhausting for applicants to have to interview with 14+ people. I hope this helps to clarify things going forward.

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for posterity's sake

Med student here.  From another institution but did an away at Miami.  Didn't match there (ranked it very,very highly but matched just a tad higher on my list) and just wanted to give as close to an unbiased review of the program as possible.Leadership: Solid and very proactive.  Program chair has clear direction for the program and is actively recruiting pretty fascinating individuals from great fellowship programs (some of whom have already started) as well as a couple more experienced attendings.  Interesting opportunities research collaberations with caribbean nations.Surgical experience: County + VA experience (scenarios of greater resident autonomy) in addition to operating in the more academic centers (Cancer ctr and UMiami hospital).  Something like 4 robots in total.  Early robotic training for residents was slightly weak but now the VA and has a robot (read: resident autonomy) and an excellent new attending.  Open experience is top-notch.  Old chair is still operating and takes residents through open prostates (which is a sorely missed procedures in most academic centers).  "New" (almost 2 yrs now) chair is very surgically active and does a lot of huge cases like RPLNDs.  Residents didn't appear to have trouble getting numbers except for MAYBE female uro (might be worth asking if they are recruiting in this area).  Volume was pretty good when I was there.  It will either go even higher or stay the same and allow attendings more time to engage in research (read: pubs for residents)Residents: Overflowing amounts of camaraderie.  Various personality types that all seem to get along well, mostly because no one is too malignant or arrogant.  Everyone is down to Earth.  Pretty bro but that's just Urology.Infrastructure: Program coordinator is well-organized + efficient.  MedRecord system set up somewhat disjointed (part paper part electronic).  Should be getting reworked by 2015.  Can't say this detracted much from the experience though once you learn to nagivate the system.Nurses: beautifulQoL: I shouldn't have to say much.  It is Miami.  However I will elaborate further.  Hours are pretty typical, no more or less than average.  Consult pager given to R3 so R2 isn't as horrendous of a year as most programs.  Home call i think.  Residents live in the best/most vibrant part of town.  Almost half are scuba certified...