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Wake Forest

Wake Forest, by e-mail. Oct 12 and 30. Dinner the night before.

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Wake Forest

Oct 12 and 30

Wake Forest

Just got the email from Wake Forest, dates are Oct 12 and Oct 30th (with informal resident dinner the night before).

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Received ERAS email today:Oct 31, Nov 17, Nov 27

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Wake, Dartmouth, UMDNJ-RWJ

I got Wake too,Dartmouth Oct 31, Nov 17, Nov 27UMDNJ-RWJ Nov 21, Dec 12

Cleveland Clinic 10/29,

Cleveland Clinic 10/29, 10/31, 11/12, 11/14

Cleveland Clinic

Offers went out by email, call back to schedule. Dinner the night before.October 29October 31November 12November 14

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Worst of them all :(

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MD2013 wrote:
Uroui wrote:
Hey can USC people post their stats?
Step 1 >260, AOA, Honors in all 3rd year clerkships, 2 non-uro posters.   Not from west coast.
Any chance you did an away at USC? My stats look nearly identical to yours (couple of extra pubs, pass in psych - oops). I'm hoping there's nothing grotesquely wrong with my application, but it's more likely I just need a piece of humble pie.
Similar stats, and I did an away there. Feeling pretty bummed right now.

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Offer by phone today. Dinner the night before.October 31November 7November 14December 12.


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