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Any UCSF SubIs get offers to go back and interview?
They specifically stated they won't be offering any interviews to sub-I's, but will be ranking all of them.  In fact, I got an erroneous interview rejection letter today via ERAS, which I'm guessing all sub-Is must have gotten.
 I did a Sub-I and also recived the ERAS interview rejection.  It is unclear to me if they did not offer interviews to "ALL" of the sub-I's or "ANY" of the sub-I's.  Seems that you could interpet those in different ways... All I really want to know is if ANY of the month-long Sub I's who were there in the summer/fall recieved interviews.  If some did get interviews then I would have to think that the lack of interview would be a bad sign...
No interview seems to be a good sign rather.  That means they know you well enough to not require an interview. If you're being asked to interview after having spent a whole month there, it could be that you did not get enough exposure to all of the attendings, due to attendings on vacation or conferences, etc.

still going

thanks to whoever cancelled BU, got a spot for this week. Any good non-logistical reason for cancelling ie should I not go there?also, got second wave for cincy, still dec 4 and 5.

new invites

Iowa - 11/26th (Thanks to whoever cancelled!)Cincinnati - Dec 4th/5thLenox Hill (just found in my spam filter! yikes) - Dec 6th / 13th