# Apps, offers, rejections, and scores

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# Apps, offers, rejections, and scores

Hi all. Just thought it would be nice to see how people were sitting in comparison to one another. We could list how many applications we sent out, number of offers received so far, number of rejections, and approximate step scores.40 apps, 14 offers, 3 rejections, 250's

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# Apps, offers, rejections, and scores

49 apps, 18 offers, 3 rejections, High 260s


40 apps, 21 offers, no rejections, 1 waitlist, step 1 >250

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40 apps, 15 offers, no rejections, 2 waitlists.   Step 1 ~240, Step 2 in December, Jr AOA, Strong letters, a few uro presentations... Can't wait to get interviews started! Looking forward to meeting you all.

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so far...

86 apps, 13 rejects, 6 invites, didn't hear from 25+ that others have. <220. No step 2 yet. Will update with further data later. 


30 apps, 7 offers, 1 rejection, 250'sStarting to get a little worried that I was overconfident in how many places I needed to apply :/


60 apps, 11 offers, 5 rejections, 240's

some idiot

55 apps, 19 interviews, 10 rejections, 3 waitlist, 3 canceledStep 1 251, no Step 2 yet, some pubs, some uro research, not AOA, decent grades (mostly high pass), MS prior to med school


67 applications9 offers, 5 rejections, 1 waitlistHome and Away program offers still pending.Low 230s Step 1, Mid 240s Step 2.


>75 apps, 9 offers, 10 rejectionsLow 240s, no Step 2, non-uro pub, no AOA, ~half honors, good lettersApplied massively due to what I consider a very average app!

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55 aps, 6 offers, 5

55 aps, 6 offers, 5 rejections, >235 Step 1, Step 2 Dec, an abstract and poster presentation