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Seems like a nice, small program (1 resident per year) with great attendings and happy residents.  It's now a 4+1 program, and 6 months of the PGY-1 year is spent in Urology (mainly clinic).  They have good exposure to most aspects of urology, except infertility and uro-gyn, but they are in the process of rectifying that.  Yes, they have a robot.  They also have a nice lap sim-center. There is no VA, so the "VA" experience is received via Texas Department of Corrections patients - the TDC clinic is attached directly to the hospital, and the residents pretty much run the show there when they're on that service (like the VA at other places). The residents cover the hospital there on Galveston island, plus a small community hopsital 20 or 25 minutes north of the island.  I believe the cover one more hospital but can't for the life of me remember right now. Galveston is Galveston.  I think you either love it or hate it.  It is "seaside" life.  Cost of living is low.  There are some shady characters around the town, but I really have no idea what the crime rates are.  Weather is hot, humid, with a nice breeze most of the time (not as hot and humid as Houston). Residents seemed happy and not overworked.  They take home call as per most urology residencies.  Most live on the island..I believe one lived north in the Clear Lake area. There is no dedicated research time, but they will help you out if you want to pursue research, and they do encourage it of course. Dr. Orihuela is a fellowship-trained uro-oncologist (trained at Memorial Sloan...) and a super nice and approachable guy.  In fact, nearly all of the attendings were super nice, funny and approachable.  You definitely got the sense that they viewed the residents as part of a "family" - ie, it wasn't very heirarchical or militaristic or caddy, etc. That's about all I can think of at the moment.  I'm sure I missed a lot of details :)