Away Rotations

Not enough can be said about doing away rotations, especially if you have your sights set on a particular program where you would like to match. For the regular match, people will tell you that doing an away rotation is a double-edged sword, but for Urology the benefits most of the time far outweigh the risks. Urology residencies are incredibly small in size, and programs often feel it is much less risky to accept applicants who have had a month-long audition. Residency directors love nothing more than a known entity--a strong medical student whom they know personally. By forming ties with people in the department that you visit, you greatly increase your chances of matching there. Just be friendly, work your tail off, show that you know something (without showing-up the residents), give a reasonable presentation (if asked), and you will be fine. When it comes time to interview, the day will be relaxed and friendly, with few serious questions. Of course there is always the chance that you won't click with the program you visit. It can be argued that this, too, is a benefit, as it is better that you discovered this before, rather than after, you matched. Regardless of whether you liked your away rotation, it is wise to try and obtain a letter of recommendation from this department, preferably from the chairman.