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Yale switch

Anyone willing to switch dates for Yale? I have scheduled Nov 10 and looking to schedule Dec 8. Thanks

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Yale Switch b/w Nov 10 & 3

Hi allSame deal, but diff dates than above.  Currently scheduled to interview on Nov 10 at Yale.  Looking to switch to Nov 3.  Please e-mail uropeful@gmail.com if interested.Thanks!

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I have a Dec. 8 that I would

I have a Dec. 8 that I would be willing to switch for a Nov. 3.  Reply here and I will contact you. 

OP here.  I have scheduled

OP here.  I have scheduled Nov 10, trying to get Dec 8.  Would you be willing to switch that?  I think urohopeful has Nov 10 but was looking for Nov 3. Here's my email in case you want to work out a switch to Nov 10.drcmartin1786@yahoo.com


Similar boat, looking to switch my 11/10 for your 12/8uroapplicant2013@gmail.com