Urology Sub-I

As far as your Urology application is concerned, this is the most important month of medical school. The time to shine, if ever there was one. This is where you need to show off your clinical competence, your motivation level, your work ethic, and your ability to work well with others. You will be under the microscope. Be eager to help, yet, at all costs, avoid being annoying.  Always be on time (read: early) for conferences, appointments, the OR, etc. Come early and stay late. Be reliable when you are given tasks and responsibilities. See as many patients on the service as you can possibly handle and definitely those into whose cases you scrubbed. Work your tail off on your presentation if you are asked to give one at a weekly conference. If you see an unusual case, volunteer to write a case report.

During the rotation your knowledge base will be repeatedly tested and in the minds of faculty will correlate with intelligence and motivation level. Starting to read Urology texts early is also a great way to test your interest in the field. You should begin reading well before the rotation begins and continue to read while you are on service.

Consider the books contained in the textbook guide of this website. 

In summary, during your Sub-I, be the absolute best medical student you can be, and make as many friends as possible. Every PA, nurse, resident, and attending that likes you helps your cause. In the end, you need to leave this month with two things:

    * (1) A good grade
    * (2) Letters of recommendation, with one being from your department chairman